I’m Kaitlyn and I specialise in creating and holding a loving space for couples to come together and share their love.

It is my mission to make your wedding day as glorious as possible for you both – glorious, memorable, and special.

What does marriage mean to me?

To me, marriage is more than just a commitment ceremony.

Marriage means two hearts coming together in union and deciding to say YES to each other.

 YES, to co creating a magical life together

YES, choosing to love each other every day

YES, to being in a partnership on every level of life

YES, to living with respect and love for each other

YES, to believing in each other unconditionally

YES, to supporting each other’s dreams and goals

YES, to the hard conversations, to taking time to reflect and to always choosing to move through things together

YES, to cultivating deep, meaningful conversations

 YES, to honouring each other’s process of change and growth

YES, to moving through things as a team, and to seek help when you need it


As your celebrant, I offer support to assist you in furthering your commitment to each other and in co-creating a lifetime of magic beyond the day of your marriage.

As your celebrant I commit to help you create a unique moment in time that defines and amplifies the depth of your love, your commitment to each other, and celebrates the union of two hearts, and two lives.


I am here to support and guide you over the threshold into a truly magical, married life.

I specialise in creating a sacred space for the exchange of vows and the celebration of your love.

A  magically memorable moment shared with family and guests for all to cherish well into the future.


Whom you chose to share your love with, and whom you chose you share your life with is a personal choice
This is an open space for anyone to choose to come together in love and make a commitment to each other. I can perform all types of marriage and it makes my heart so happy to do so.

Please feel free to email me to discuss your wedding ceremony.
First we will see if I am free for the date of your wedding and then will organise a initial obligation free meeting.